The Leadership Academy is a great option for those who are interested in diving deeper into ministry training and leadership at The Bridge, but are not interested in working towards a college degree through our partnership with Southeastern University.  The schedule is more suited for non-traditional students (ages 26 and up), as much of your practicum time will occur in the evening and on Sunday morning.  You will be partnered with a coach who will encourage, mentor and direct you during your year in Leadership Academy.

The Leadership Academy experience is broken down into 4 areas...

1. Leadership Class + Ministry Labs

The Leadership Class is the primary academic element of the Leadership Academy.  The class will take place one evening per week and is designed to give you a comprehensive training for leadership and ministry within the local church.  Each semester will consist of two 8-week terms.  

We will also periodically hold ministry labs, during which Pastor Marty will share from his insight and experience to help prepare you to follow Jesus in ministry and lead within the culture of the Bridge Church.

2. Growth Groups

Growth groups are a staple of The Bridge Church, and during your year in Leadership Academy we want you to journey together with others.  So each semester you will either lead or participate in a growth group.  Based on what groups you may have already taken, your coach may recommend a group such as Freedom, Rooted, or Financial Peace University.  We may also offer a group that is open just to Leadership Academy students.  Growth groups last between 6 and 10 weeks each semester.

3. Dream Team Practicum

At the beginning of your year in Leadership Academy you select your top 3 choices for ministry practicums in which you are interested in receiving next level training.  We will assign you to learn and serve in two different practicums for 8 weeks each during the first semester.  Then, in most cases, you will choose which dream team practicum you would like to continue to learn and serve in for the second semester.  


Bridge Kids Bridge
Creative Arts
Guest Services
Campus Team

4. Next Level Opportunities

As a part of Leadership Academy, we are honored to serve with you and want to give you some behind the scenes access to learn and connect with our team.  This may include an invitation to a monthly staff meeting, a round table event for pastors and leaders, or even a conference.  We want to provide you with opportunities to serve and provide a high level of leadership alongside our team.  We love to bring the WOW, and look forward to providing our Leadership Academy students with some extra perks and appreciation.


What is the cost?

The tuition is $400, however The Bridge is going to cover $200 for each participant for the 21-22 year.  Your tuition helps us to cover our curriculum and many other related expenses.

How long does the Leadership Academy take to complete?

The Bridge Leadership Academy is a one year program consisting of a Fall and Spring semester (Late August through late April).

What does the weekly schedule look like?

The Leadership Class will be one evening per week (1.5-2 hrs).

Growth Groups will typically take on another evening each week (1.5 hrs). Note: Groups will not last the entire length of the 16 week semester.

Dream Team Leadership; typically on Sunday mornings (2-4 hrs).

When is the deadline to apply?

The deadline to apply is July 31.  If you are interested, we would love to know even before then.  

We would be happy to meet with you to help answer any questions you may have.  Your story and your calling is important to us as you consider The Bridge Leadership Academy as your next step.