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Session 1: Is Baptism My Next Step?

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The Process:

Session 1: Is Baptism My Next Step?

As you're learning about baptism, it's important to know that one step actually comes first. As the Bible outlines, first we believe, then we are baptized. (See Acts 8:12) In this video, Marty gives helpful insight into what it means to believe and how to navigate this whole process.

Session 2: Share Your Story

Your story matters and has meaning. In this video, Marty will share that you have a story and your story is centered around your journey of knowing Jesus. Watch to learn some practical tips for writing and sharing your story. We are excited to learn more about your personal story and hear how God has moved in your life!

Session 3: What To Expect

We don't want you to have any stress going into your baptism day. Learn the nuts and bolts of what will happen on the day you get baptized. We want you to show up knowing what is going to happen and when. In this video, Marty will answer your questions about what is going to happen the day of your baptism.