Short But Achievable Goals


4,000 Small Group and Awake Tribe check-ins

Click HERE to find your group today!


300 households give $5 or more to 
Kingdom Builders

Participate on a Sunday morning or online (click HERE)


250 new guests visit on a Sunday

Use invite cards to bring a friend, family member, or neighbor to church with you!


1,000 Days Fasted

Fasting is a powerful spiritual practice that helps set us up to disconnect from the things of the world to connect with God! We will be teaching on fasting on March 20 & 27. If you choose to fast, let us know by texting SBAGS to 94000.


500 New Testament readings

Reading scripture is a great way to connect with Jesus! We have 3 different reading plans to set you up to read the New Testament: the story of Jesus and the early church. Get the reading plans and let us know if you’re reading along by texting SBAGS to 94000.