Bridge Kids | FAQ's

What is our mission?

Bridge Kids exists so that every kid who walks through our doors can experience Jesus on Their Level.

What are our core values?

In Bridge Kids we want kids to know that they can do three things: Know the Verse, Talk to God, Make A Difference.
  1. Our desire is to plant God’s truth into kids’ lives. The monthly memory verse is woven into every lesson to help even our youngest Bridge Kids Know the Verse.
  2. We teach kids they are loved by a God who wants to hear from them. Our leaders show kids how to develop a personal relationship with Jesus through prayer. We want kids to know they can Talk to God at any time. 
  3. God created a big world, and we believe even the smallest people can Make a Difference! Jesus never intended for our relationship with Him to just be an hour on Sundays. We give your family resources to keep the conversations that began on Sunday, going all week long.

How do we partner with parents?

We send home Cue Cards each week to help you set up a conversation for the car ride home that will help you get beyond a one word answer to the question, “How was Bridge Kids?”. The Parent Cue app also allows you to watch Sunday’s lesson with your child, practice the memory verse, and gives you encouragement on parenting just when you need it.

What makes Bridge Kids Safe?

Every Dream Teamer in Bridge Kids has gone through background checks & safety training. They are knowledgeable on protocol and procedures. We also have a Safety Team on standby to assist in any need that would arise, medical or emergency.

What age does my child need to be to attend Bridge Kids?

Birth - 5th Grade.

What can I expect when I arrive?

When you arrive you’ll easily be able to find our Bridge Kids Check-In station. One of our awesome Dream Teamers will be there to help to check your child(ren) in and get their name tags printed. You’ll also get a tag with a matching number to use during pick up. Then we will show you to your child’s room!

What will my child do in Bridge kids?

  • We have the best Dream Teamers who will be sure your baby is safe. Your child will be snuggled, prayed over, and have a Bible story read to them. Leave the diaper changing and feeding to us, just let the team know what your child needs to assure a comfortable hour without you and we will be happy to help!
  • Free Play: From coloring to dinosaurs, kids will start out their Sunday morning by play time with friends.
  • Worship & Bible Story: Everyone gets to sing & dance along to the worship song. After worship, we watch our Bible story (which you can watch here) then say a prayer!
  • Craft: Your creative kiddo will use all their senses to make a craft that will clue you in to the Bible lesson taught that morning.
  • Free Play: From making bracelets to jumping rope kids will start out their Sunday morning by playing some super fun games with friends.
  • Worship & Bible Story: Everyone gets to sing & dance along to the worship song. Next, we’ll hear an engaging and age-appropriate Bible story (watch Sunday’s lesson here)
  • Small Group: Small groups give us an opportunity to discuss this week’s lesson and open up our Bibles together. Your elementary kid will leave the door with a weekly devotional to fill out during the week. Encourage them to complete their devotion and bring it back the following week to get tickets for headquarters.

How can I help my child "know the verse" each month?

Download the Parent Cue app to stay up to date on the memory verse for each month! We also send home a parent cue card each week that has as the monthly verse.

What is Bridge Kids Headquarters?

BKHQ is a special time designed for elementary kids to show off their hard work of Knowing the Verse!

Kids can earn 3 points each week by:
  1. Bringing their Bibles (Don't have one? We'd love to gift you with one! Have your child ask their room leader for a Bible and they will leave that Sunday with a Bible.)
  2. Reciting the monthly memory verse
  3. Bringing back their completed weekly devotional

Cash in your points for sweet prizes like candy or lego sets!

How can I start serving in Bridge Kids?

Email and plan to attend Onboard!